- Business Principles

Our Code of Ethics underpins everything we do as a business. Demonstrate our responsibility to people and planet, and create shared values with all our stakeholders.

Our responsibility to each other

  • We will at all times treat our colleagues with dignity and respect.
  • We will work as a team, encourage collaboration, recognise the strengths of our differences, and support each other to achieve our shared goals.
  • We will not tolerate discrimination, harassment or victimisation.
  • We will embrace the value of diversity in recruitment and dealings with employees.
  • We will value openness and honesty and encourage our employees to raise ethical concerns.
  • We will at all times conduct ourselves in a manner, which brings credit to BeSharing and our partners.

Our responsibility towards our community

BeSharing is a space where businesses, individuals, charities and community projects come together. We expect all those who join BeSharing to operate in the spirit of our Code of Ethics, act with integrity and honesty, and show respect for others. Should a member of this community fall short of our ethics, we reserve the right to suspend or exclude them permanently.

  • We will protect the integrity and privacy of those within our community.
  • We will not pre-judge or discriminate against members of our community on religious, cultural, ethnic or other grounds.

Our behaviour towards our partners and clients

  • We will work with other organisations in a professional and honest way.
  • We will actively promote an increase in purpose, sustainability, social impact and collaboration with those we work with.
  • We will maintain our independence and, while respecting the diversity of points of view, defend our values when working with others.
  • We will reserve the right to not work with any organisation or individual who does not meet our ethical standards.

Our behaviour towards suppliers and consultants

  • We will expect those working on our behalf to align with our ethics and promote our values through their work with us.
  • We will not accept favours or bribes or allow personal affiliations to influence the award of contracts.
  • We will not tolerate child labour or any form of modern day slavery in our suppliers.
  • We will be fair and reasonable in our financial practices towards others.

Our responsibility to our planet

We will at all times seek to minimise the environmental impact of our activities, always complying with all environmental protection legislation and seeking to minimise waste.