BeSharing Services


 BeSharing Services offer bespoke solutions to Charities, Education, Organisations and Individuals.

With our robust quality assurance of our awards based system offering Charity

  •  Volunteering, Challenges and events.
  •  Recording and measuring activity
  •  Reporting services and market reports
  •  Data analysing
  •  Events
  •  Networking
  •  Lectures

  •  Advertising
  •  Marketing
  •  Collaborating
  •  Cooperation and Sharing
  •  Team building
  •  Awards
  •  Charitable giving
  •  Linking businesses to Charities
  •  Accreditation

Benefits of BeSharing Services: 


  • Build a happier workforce helping others through your acts
  • Social interaction Exercise Record of your achievements

Developing and enhancing relationships with customers, suppliers and networks

Attracting, retaining and maintaining a happy workforce

Become an Employer of Choice

Stand out from competitors

Innovation and learning

Improving your business reputation and standing

CSR tool for Charities and Organisations

Added data measuring employee/ Company engagement

Rewards for engagement with Charities

CSR tool for charities and orgs and employees

Unit conversion for volunteers for CSR Volunteers benefits for CSR activity

Unit conversion for organizations CSR Organisations benefit from employee volunteers