- About Us

We are a group of like-minded individuals who want to have simpler access to charitable organisations and
Volunteering opportunities.
We want Volunteers to have wider access to charities and to be awarded for their time

Our Story

We found that trying to find local charities to volunteer for was not as easy as it should be. We also found that when you need to find out information about charities and services it is very time consuming, so we wanted to do something about this to make it quicker and more efficient.

Our Vision

To make it easier to access multiple charities to request information in a few click.To offer a fair and measurable rewards system for volunteering with charities. We want to provide a platform that offers a one-stop solution for Charities to benefit from the act of volunteering and sharing.

Why use BeSharing

  • An ALL in One platform for Charities
  • Find Volunteering opportunities
  • Charity News
  • Find Volunteers
  • Fundraising campaigns, and events
  • Donate
  • Award Charities, Individuals, Educational Institutions and Organisations
  • Promote projects
  • Link your social profile to your CSR profile
  • Manage CSR reports

How it works

Engaging with BeSharing benefits Charities directly
Registering as a member and start earning BeSharing Tokens, Points and Coins
Tokens received for Charity interaction- Volunteering, Fundraising, Events and Donations
Points received by engaging through the site
Coins received through your volunteering and usage

How To Use
Register as a member
Set up your BeSharing Dashboard with what you want to follow
Build BeSharing Points as you engage using the site
Build BeSharing Tokens as you engage with Charitable Volunteering
Build BeSharing Coins to use in The Shared Economy

Register as a BeSharing member Corporation
Set up your company Dashboard for your employees
Engage with BeSharing Charity Volunteering opportunities
Build CSR Tokens, Points and Coins with your employees
Measurable CSR Data

Tokens, Points and Coins

BeSharing Tokens, Points and Coins



Tokens are awarded for Volunteering.
An individual is awarded 20 Tokens per hour for Volunteering.       (30 mins =10 Tokens)
A Charity is awarded 20 Tokens per hour for using a Volunteer.
An Organisation is awarded 20 Tokens per hour for providing an employee volunteer

Fundraising, Events and Challenges

For Fundraising, Events and Challenges tokens are awarded.

Individuals, Charities and Organisations receive 10 Tokens for each fundraiser, event or challenge they enter.


Tokens are awarded regardless of the amount donated.                     5 Tokens are awarded.                                                            

The donator and the receiver are awarded these points.   Individuals who want to donate and include their employer to receive an award Token is allowed.

The user will have a total amount of tokens that you will be able to see the breakdown on through the BeSharing dashboard analytics within a wallet.

Tokens are a CSR commodity that forms part of your CV, Charity and Organisation’s CSR package.

BeSharing PointsBy using BeSharing and, staying on the BeSharing Dashboard, points are accumulated.
1 Point is gained per minute of staying on site.
10 Points for each site that is clicked through/ opened from BeSharing.
20 Points for setting up BeSharing dashboard with Social Media, Charities and Shared Economy businesses.The Total amount of Points with a breakdown will be available on the BeSharing Dashboard analytics within a BeSharing Tokens and Points wallet.


BeSharing Coins

BeSharing Coins are mined through engaging with BeSharing.

A BeSharing coin can be mined by using your BeSharing Tokens and BeSharing Points if you are an individual and a charity or organisation.

Individuals and Charities

For every 200 BeSharing Tokens plus 1000 BeSharing Points, 1 BeSharing coin can be mined. Once a coin is mined, Tokens and Points still stay on your profile but are not eligible again to be mined into BeSharing coins.


Organisations can mine BeSharing Coins but need 2000 BeSharing Tokens and 10,000 BeSharing Points. These totals would be made up through their employee’s interaction with BeSharing.

BeSharing Coins are stored in a BeSharing Coins wallet, which can be added on to the BeSharing Tokens and Points wallet and seen through BeSharing Dashboard analytics.

BeSharing Coins can then be used to become a stakeholder in
BeSharing Coins can be used to give to Charities
BeSharing Coins can be used to trade in the Shared Economy. For every trade in the shared Economy using a BeSharing coin a 10% fee is taken which is then redistributed in full to a pool of Charities that are encouraging and participating in collaboration and sharing. Ideally, every Charity in UK/world, receives an equal amount of the share.

Organisations can only see employees Tokens and Points.

Individuals keep their own Tokens, Points and Coins with them throughout their time.
Organisations receive the benefit from their employee’s engagement with BeSharing but the employee keeps their own tokens and Points.
Tokens and Points are portable. An individuals Tokens and Points can be taken with them to a new organisation. An organisation can therefore demonstrate the Tokens and Points accrued during a financial year accounting period, plus the totals generated by their staff.

BeSharing Team

James Sayell

James Sayell

James Sayell has spent the last 25 years building established businesses in the food sector importing Spanish products and property industry for the last 10 years. Volunteering and setting up Community projects

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in rural Essex until his wife became terminally ill. Father of two young girls Lyra and Sofia. started with the idea of setting up a website directory for the charity and voluntary sector. Identifying that charity information and opportunities were fragmented online and needed a central hub.

When my mother, then wife were terminally ill, information and services were quickly needed. Contacting charities was time consuming.

My daughters’ school is constantly raising awareness and money for various charities and we thought that these should be recorded to see the different charities they have engaged with.”

Our aim is to make charity access as easy and fun for children, adults, charities and organisations.

We want to acknowledge and award good deeds of sharing.

David Briggs

David Briggs

Dave is an experienced higher education professional specialising in the legal discipline and academic collaborations. He holds an LLB and LLM from the University of Essex and a Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice in HE from Coventry University.

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Throughout his careers as a Senior Lecturer Dave has also managed a range of projects for various UK Universities. He spent two years managing a portfolio of internationally franchised courses and progression agreements with academic partners across Europe and the Far East with the aim of extending the reach and impact of UK higher education, and now leads on the implementation of digital and blended learning in a higher education setting.


For a number of years Dave balanced his career with providing care for his grandmother, who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease, and undertaking fundraising activities for the Alzheimer’s Society.


Dave is currently involved in a diverse range of projects including exploring ways to engage those under the care of the state with higher education and reducing the global energy deficit.