Growing a Volunteering Network

 focused on Education and the Charity sector

to help primarily young people 
to gain and record their experience 
to kick start their careers.

BeSharing - Growing a Volunteering Network

“There can be no greater gift than of giving one’s time” – Nelson Mandela

 BeSharing is a volunteering organisation engaging with Charities, Educational Institutions and Individuals

BeSharing orchestrates a value chain for accessing, measuring and recording volunteering activities

BeSharing - Growing a Volunteering Network


Charity Volunteering Opportunities

Fundraising Opportunities

Charity Donations

Charity Information

Charity News

BeSharing - Make a DIFFERENCE

Charities – Direct access to organisations and individuals through the BeSharing hub.

Education- Fundraising events and volunteering opportunities can be promoted side by side within companies and organisations.

Organisations – Besharing acts as an employee CSR hub offering employees direct and bespoke access to volunteering, fundraising and giving opportunities.

Besharing provides a book of record for employee engagement and CSR reporting.

Individuals – Engage with charities, find and book volunteering and fundraising events and opportunities.

Record your achievements and build a demonstrable social profile.

BeSharing Volunteering Value Chain

VOLUNTEERING is a social benefit for both organisations and individual volunteers. BeSharing obtains INFORMATION regarding volunteering needs to SHARE with the growing community to INSPIRE potential volunteers to consider specific OPPORTUNITIES to be arranged through the extensive BeSharing NETWORK .

BeSharing Team

James Sayell

James Sayell

James Sayell has spent the last 25 years building established businesses in the food sector importing Spanish products and property industry for the last 10 years. Volunteering and setting up Community projects

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in rural Essex until his wife became terminally ill. Father of two young girls Lyra and Sofia. started with the idea of setting up a website directory for the charity and voluntary sector. Identifying that charity information and opportunities were fragmented online and needed a central hub.

When my mother, then wife were terminally ill, information and services were quickly needed. Contacting charities was time consuming.

My daughters’ school is constantly raising awareness and money for various charities and we thought that these should be recorded to see the different charities they have engaged with.”

Our aim is to make charity access as easy and fun for children, adults, charities and organisations.

We want to acknowledge and award good deeds of sharing.

Nick Bowers

Nick Bowers

Nick spent over 15 years as a financial trader in the City of London. It was during a career break that he discovered volunteering.

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Alongside co-founding BeSharing and being a full time dad of three, Nick is an active volunteer supporting adults with learning difficulties. I am passionate about making volunteering more mainstream. We have built a framework which promotes volunteering and fundraising activities within education and the workplace. My goal is to champion a ‘lifetime of giving’ where charitable acts are better recorded, and recognised, within organisations and throughout people’s lives.”  

Les Pyle

Les Pyle

  Up until the end of 2018 Les was the Chief Executive Officer for the Institute for Collaborative Working (ICW) the recognised thought leader in Collaborative Working which he took over in 2001. 






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During this time he was also a Board member for Policy Connect the Parliamentary Think Tank working with the public and private sectors as input for the evolution of UK Government policy 

Corporate life

Prior to ICW Les held various positions in the ICT sector with ICL, subsequently acquired by Fujitsu. He was a Divisional director for 18 years in a variety of operational roles including Group Procurement, Group Supply Chain, Group Property, Group Marketing Services. 

Post the Fujitsu acquisition in 1990 – Les was appointed to the Board of several Fujitsu International Group Companies (FIGCs) including Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.

David Briggs

David Briggs

Dave is an experienced higher education professional specialising in the legal discipline and academic collaborations. He holds an LLB and LLM from the University of Essex and a Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice in HE from Coventry University.

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Throughout his careers as a Senior Lecturer Dave has also managed a range of projects for various UK Universities. He spent two years managing a portfolio of internationally franchised courses and progression agreements with academic partners across Europe and the Far East with the aim of extending the reach and impact of UK higher education, and now leads on the implementation of digital and blended learning in a higher education setting.


For a number of years Dave balanced his career with providing care for his grandmother, who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease, and undertaking fundraising activities for the Alzheimer’s Society.


Dave is currently involved in a diverse range of projects including exploring ways to engage those under the care of the state with higher education and reducing the global energy deficit.

Kris Raven

Kris Raven

Kris brings 30 plus years of creating revenue generation models for companies in the Finance, Telecoms, Information Security, Hospitality and Health sectors.

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Whether as a Non Exec Director, a Data Protection Officer, a Business Coach or a Sales & Marketing lead Kris strongly believes in the BeSharing ethos and the benefits to be derived by its volunteers, charities, corporates and those in full time education.  He is married with three grown up children and lives just south of Cambridge in the sleepy hamlet of Saffron Walden.

BeSharing PROVE

BeSharing captures individuals volunteering history with a PERSONAL RECORD OF VOLUNTEERING EXPERIENCE.

How it Works

Find Opportunities

Register with

Engage with Charities


The beginning of a lifetime of positive actions. Creating a socially aware and responsible generation of young adults.

BeSharing is a platform for students, schools and universities to promote social responsibility amongst their students.


The BeSharing Process enables STUDENTS to find OPPORTUITIES to LIASE with charities for VOLUNTEERING EXPERIENCE

Students can build a dynamic social profile demonstrating their ongoing achievements.
Schools and Universities are able to record and demonstrate their own commitment to promoting social responsibility.


On completion of an assignment the BeSharing Process provides each student with a detailed PERSONAL RECORD OF VOLUNTEERING EXPERIENCE


A Work Assignment Recognition Document

Students can build a dynamic social profile demonstrating their ongoing achievements.
Schools and Universities are able to record and demonstrate their own commitment to promoting social responsibility.

Engage students in charitable activities
Fundraising events and challenges
Demonstrate your achievements
Collaboration and team building

Demonstrate commitment to developing socially responsible students.

Support students and staff whether they wish to Volunteer, fundraise or donate.

Contribute and engage with local community.

Clear statement of effectiveness of social responsibility programme.

Differentiate from other academic intitutions.

CV/Resume: Students can clearly demonstrate their activities to future academic institutions or employers.

Build a record of achievement that follows and grows through life.

Demonstrates positive use of free time.

Make a difference to society and give something back.

Gain confidence by doing something different.

Engage with Volunteering opportunities

Fundraising events and Challenges

Collaborate and team building

Demonstrate your achievements

Proud to be working with a number of Educational Institutions,Charities and Organisations in the UK


Post volunteering opportunities, fund raising events and charity news.
Advertise events and recruit volunteers at the same time.


The BeSharing system enables charities to solve the process of SHARING OPPORTUNITIES with LOYAL students seeking VOLUNTEERING EXPERIENCE to a wider community.


On completion of each volunteering assignment the BeSharing process provides charities with a resume to enable them to PROmote VOLUNTEERING ENGAGEMENTS as part of assignment opportunity planning and advertising activities.

Highlight news and campaigns directly to organisations and their employees.


A Work Assignment Recognition Document

Students can build a dynamic social profile demonstrating their ongoing achievements.
Schools and Universities are able to record and demonstrate their own commitment to promoting social responsibility.

Easy event and opportunity entry

Connecting with organisations to promote events and campaigns

Feedback from individuals and organisations

Measure, analyse and optimise employee performance

BeSharing CSR


Demonstrating your organisation’s commitment to social responsibility.

Straightforward access to volunteering, fundraising and charitable opportunities.

Recording and demonstrating all charitable activity within your organisation.

Directory of charity information.




Developing and enhancing relationships with customers, suppliers and networks

Attracting, retaining and maintaining a happy workforce

Become an Employer of Choice

Stand out from competitors

Innovation and learning

Improving your business reputation and standing

CSR tool for Charities and Organisations

Added data measuring employee/ Company engagement

Rewards for engagement with Charities

CSR tool for charities and orgs and employees

Unit conversion for volunteers for CSR Volunteers benefits for CSR activity

Unit conversion for organizations CSR Organisations benefit from employee volunteers


Engaging with charities and voluntary organisations.
Finding and booking volunteering and fundraising events and opportunities.
Recording and demonstrating charitable achievements.

Search and book online

Fundraising events and Challenges

Volunteering opportunities to fit your lifestyle

Demonstrate your achievements C.I.C C.I.C is a Social Enterprise not for profit Charity hub platform, for students, charities, individuals and organisations.

Based at IdeaSpace City, Cambridge Universities incubation hub for start ups.

We offer Charity volunteering opportunities, challenges and events.

We have developed a Tokens/points awards mechanism that records and awards individuals, their employers, schools and Universities through their engagement with Charities and Voluntary organisations. Charities also receive points through the engagement of volunteers, donations, challenges and events.

Our intent is to offer a hub for charity information and engagement that is recorded and that can form part of your CV from school all the way through your career.

Who We are:

We want to help educate and encourage students to give time or money to charitable causes, as a regular part of their lives and that by doing this; there is a tangible benefit that they can use through their careers.

We also have a directory of charities database where requests about information or services can be requested from multiple charities in a few clicks instead of contacting them individually.

We intend to make this information and accessibility easier and quicker to access. We aim to give this platform the ability to help and build and bridge communities around charities and voluntary organisations.