• Conservation Projects 
  • Library Project (Do projects in the school library) 
  • Puppetry (Not sure if this will continue, little uptake, but it exists for now). The idea would be to take shows to schools, old age homes, etc
  • Community Support Group (Event planning). Invites care homes to attend Stowe events, music cricket, etc. Will be involved in the Community Christmas Party next year. 
  • Allotments (Kitchen Garden) 
  • Fundraising – this group does all fundraising for other groups alongside the group that needs project funds) 
  • Prep Club Helpers – older pupils helping lower forms with subjects where they are struggling. 
  • Forever Stowe Project – SEN projects 
  • SSCEA – Roanian Schools project 
  • Street Child Project Group – new group working with international Street Child organisation. 


  • Climate Action Group 
  • Community Support Group (Visits) (care home visits to the elderly
  • Amnesty International – topical projects aligned to Amnesty International ideals


  • First Aid 
  • Conservation 
  • Riding with the Disabled 
  • The Conversation Podcast 


  • Primary School Visits – 2 groups helping at 2 different primary schools in the afternoon, helping with activities and helping with reading. 


  • Community Support Group (Knit and Natter) – producing knitted items for refugees. 

Note: Conservation group, include work to build a tree house on school or National Trust property, Gaia project to bring the Gaia globe to Stowe and potentially the development of an AI app for the NT.

Climate change group projects vary, and some are working on a sustainable clothing project, they do river rinses, tree planting and more
So, some groups are split into different activities/sections on different days but essentially fall under one S@S activity 


Annual Christmas Party for the elderly. This is finished for this year but had a number of pupil volunteers on the day.

4th form Duke of Edinburgh – will be doing eight weeks of work at the school for Willen-Hospice. They will be preparing donated items for sale on eBay, this will include writing descriptions, photography, , neat presentation (ironing and folding), possibly videos, etc. entering them on a spreadsheet and readying for return to the hospice for upload to eBay page. (56 pupils)

4th form Change Maker Day 23 Feb 2023 – not finalised yet but there will be 8 all day activities – likely all off site